The coefficient for private customers is always 1. If the coefficient is higher than 1, it is used for calculating the customer’s total electricity consumption (i.e. the difference between the meter reading x the coefficient).

The measured energy tells the amount of electricity that you have consumed in the period between the readings.

Your annual energy estimate is based on how much energy you have consumed in the previous year.

In case you use time-of-day electricity, day and night, both meter settings are shown.

Your electricitypriceis always divided into two parts: electricity transmission and electrical energy. You pay for electricity transmission because the electricity you use is transported from the power plant to you home. The electricity transmission cost also covers the construction and maintenance of power lines. Your electrical energy price is based on the electricity you use. The price consists of two separate parts in order for consumers to be able to buy the electrical energy from one utility company and the transmission from another. The electricity transmission is taken care of by the utility company that owns your local grid network.

The basic rate covers the costs of the transmission network and the power plants, even when electricity is not being consumed. The Finnish Energy Authority supervises that the transmission cost is reasonable.

Your total electricity transmission shows the actual cost of your electricity transmission for the period in question.

Your total electrical energy shows the actual cost of your electricity consumption for the period in question.

The electricity tax is fixed by law and calculated on your electricity consumption.