Do you need electricity at your site?

Get in touch with us well in advance to have electricity when you need it! When planning also take into account that excavation work in general only can be done from April to November.


Once you have submitted a quotation request, you will receive an estimated time of delivery. The connection is generally completed within 4-12 weeks from signing the contract. The delivery time can be longer in the case of a larger connection at a notable distance from the existing electricity grid.


Plan and contact an electricity systems designer

  • You need a property site plan or, at the very least, a map that illustrates the location of the building site
  • Contact an electricity systems designer, who makes an electricity plan for your property
  • Make sure the meter cabinet is easy to access, e.g., near an entrance or under the carport
  • Contact an electricity contractor for the construction project
  • Consider the electrical grounding of the property for consumer use already at the planning stage

Send us a quotation request

  • The information we need can be found in the electricity plan and the site plan.
  • If needed, your electricity contractor can help you.

In order to make a quotation, we need the following information:

  1. Name, social security number, phone number and billing address of the builder
  2. Contact details of the electricity contractor
  3. Address and registration number of the building site and house lot
  4. Purpose of the real-estate property (single-detached house, holiday property, other)
  5. Size of connection
  6. Heating system
  7. Desired time of connecting to the grid
  8. The closest nearby site or address with an electricity connection
  9. Site plan or map of the construction site, where the connecting spot and the location of the meter cabinet are marked
  10. Information about the delivery of the connecting cable. Ask your electricity contractor.


Go through the quotation and return it signed

  • You will receive an order confirmation and an estimated connection time

Make an electricity contract with your electricity supplier of choice

Prepare your site for the connection together with your electricity contractor

  • Your electricity contractor will perform the preparatory electricity work
  • The electrical grounding for consumer use is prepared

The electricity contractor orders the connection to the grid

  • When the electrical installation is made, your electricity contractor will contact us for an inspection and connecting.

We perform an inspection

  • Together with your electricity contractor, we make sure that your construction site can safely be connected to the grid

We install the electricity meter and the connecting cable.

The voltage is switched on by the electricity contractor.