Transfer of electricity connection

The electricity connection is not automatically transferred to the buyer upon the release of a property. Therefore, it is advisable to include the connection transfer in the purchase contract. Otherwise, a separate conveyance must be made.


Herrfors Nät-Verkko Oy Ab must be informed as quickly as possible after the transfer has been made. Even when the transfer is included in the purchase contract, the electricity company must be informed about it separately, as the purchase contract is not automatically sent to the electricity company. Thus, a copy of the purchase contract or the conveyance is to be sent to our customer service at:

Herrfors Nät-Verkko Oy Ab
Köpmansgatan 10
68600 Jakobstad


In case of a real-estate purchase, the new owner is advised to make sure that the connection contract really is transferable. According to our terms and conditions, the connection can be transferred to the new owner only when the previous owner’s connection, transmission and electricity grid debts have been paid. The transfer of the connection comes into effect with the approval of Herrfors Nät-Verkko Oy Ab. If Herrfors Nät-Verkko Oy Ab has claims on the previous owner, the new owner can either take responsibility for these claims or buy a new electricity connection.