What to do if the electricity goes off?


Emergency 24/7

If there is an interruption in your electricity distribution or in district heating please contact us.


Oravais, Pedersöre and Terjärv district

Working days/ hours: phone (06) 781 5300

Outside working hours: phone (06) 7234521


Jakobstad district

24/7: phone (06) 723 0079


Ylivieska district

Working days/ hours: phone (08) 411 0400

Outside working hours, electricity: phone (08) 426 350

Outside working hours, district heating: phone 044-781 5375


Important to know when you make an emergency call

Please let us know following:

  • Who you are
  • From where you are calling
  • Your phone number

If the power is off:

  • Circumstances of the power outage, check if the power outage is only in your house/ apartment, if the lights are off at your neighbors and if the streetlights are off too?
  • Check if the power outage is in the whole house/ apartment or just in one/few room/s

If there is a large power outage and it concerns more than one household our telephone lines can be very busy, please try to call us again.


The best tips when there is a power outage you can find here:

If the electricity lines are damaged due to for example, bad weather and trees are on the electricity line, it can cause a so called zero error.


Zero error is very serious and needs to be repaired immediately. Read more about Zero error and how you can recognize it.


You can follow the power outage in real time at Herrfors power outage map. You can also get a text message from Herrfors when there is a planned power outage or an unplanned power outage due to bad weather.


Please register yourself at our text message service and we will let you know when or if there will be a power outage.