Frequently asked questions

The coefficient for private customers is always 1. If the coefficient is higher than 1, it is used for calculating the customer’s total electricity consumption (i.e. the difference between the meter reading x the coefficient).

The measured energy tells the amount of electricity that you have consumed in the period between the readings.

Your annual energy estimate is based on how much energy you have consumed in the previous year.

In case you use time-of-day electricity, day and night, both meter settings are shown.

Your electricitypriceis always divided into two parts: electricity transmission and electrical energy. You pay for electricity transmission because the electricity you use is transported from the power plant to you home. The electricity transmission cost also covers the construction and maintenance of power lines. Your electrical energy price is based on the electricity you use. The price consists of two separate parts in order for consumers to be able to buy the electrical energy from one utility company and the transmission from another. The electricity transmission is taken care of by the utility company that owns your local grid network.

The basic rate covers the costs of the transmission network and the power plants, even when electricity is not being consumed. The Finnish Energy Authority supervises that the transmission cost is reasonable.

Your total electricity transmission shows the actual cost of your electricity transmission for the period in question.

Your total electrical energy shows the actual cost of your electricity consumption for the period in question.

The electricity tax is fixed by law and calculated on your electricity consumption.

The bills that you receive from another electricity supplier refer to the electricity that you have used, while the bills that you receive from Herrfors refer to the transmission of electricity, meaning the transportation of electricity through the grid to your apartment. This means that you live in an area where Herrfors owns the electrical grid. The electricity transmission is always billed by the owner of the electrical grid.

Yes, you can, provided that your annual consumption exceeds 6 000 kWh.


Please contact our invoicing service:

(06) 781 5312 (Jakobstad)

(08) 411 0401 (Ylivieska)


Every electricity company that sells, for instance, wind power is bound by law to prove that the wind power they have sold corresponds to the amount of wind power they have produced or acquired. Therefore, once a year your bill from Herrfors will include a specification on how Herrfors’ electricity has been produced.

If you put your electricity connection on hold, you no longer have access to electricity through that connection. However, the connection can still be reactivated. You continue to pay the basic rate for the connection, and if you wish to reactivate the connection it is easily done by paying the connection fee. If you end your contract but wish to reactivate your connection again later, you will have to sign a new electricity contract.

Are you planning to excavate close to our cables? Check the area with us first. Work close to live underground cables must be carefully done. For more information on how to proceed, please contact us

This is how you take electronic billing into use:
-You can order an electronic bill by logging into your online bank or visiting you bank.
-For ordering an electronic bill you need your online bank credentials, which you receive from your bank.
-When paying your paper bill though your online bank, choose electronic billing as the payment option for the bill.

In you online bank you can check and approve your bills just as you do with normal paper bills.